Learn 2 Sew, Inc
3325 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 205
Hollywood, Florida 33021

Where you can learn the art of sewing
Learn 2 Sew Florida   Where you can learn the art of sewing
Learn 2 Sew offers sewing classes for ages 15 and above to teach you the art of sewing anything you can dream - from sewing for your home, your family to friends and yourself.

Once you have t
he basic concept of putting the material together and learn the sewing  machine the possibilities are endless what you can make.

Learn on your sewing machine or learn on one belonging to the school.

Cindy (CEO/Teacher) makes it a fun atmosphere where you can laugh, relax and unwind, enjoy the company of others while learning the art of sewing.
Classes taught in English only

3325 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 205
NW corner of Hollywood Blvd and Park Road in the Wells Fargo Bank Building, second floor. Parking on the north side of the bank. Walk through the Wells Fargo doors into the lobby and take the elevator to the second floor, left side.

~ Since we are in HURRICANE SEASON ~
if the public schools are closed Learn 2 Sew classes will be canceled also
Pay as you go or buy a group of classes for less money & make your own schedule!
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PACKAGE DEAL - Basic Sewing Classes   $225 ON SALE $175
Pay as you go to the classes below or SAVE and buy all classes in a package deal
2 hour Machine Class
2 hour Cutting Class
10 hours Sewing Class (5 2hr sewing classes)
$45  ON SALE $40
When you need to learn how to use a sewing machine. You only need to take this class once
$40 ON SALE $35

When you want to learn to cut fabric and patterns. You only need to take this class once
2hrs $35

10hrs (5 classes) $150
ON SALE $125
When you want learn different sewing technique. Take this class as many times as you want

Enrollment(schedule seat) - first 48hr/FREE

After the first 48hr - 24hr before class/PAY FEE
(reschedule a class here)

24hr before class begins- class time/TIME LOST
(you can not make this up)
How the classes work
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~Buy all the seats to any class to have a private lesson~
Because of my small class sizes you can decide what you want to learn from how to use the sewing machine, how to sew using a pattern of your choice or how to alter clothing, install zippers to sewing buttonholes. When other people in the class are working on different projects you have the opportunity to learn different things while you make your project at your own speed.

Start off by taking the 2 hour Sewing Machine Class if you don't know how to use a machine. Then take the 2 hour Cutting Class to learn how to cut out your project on fabric properly. After you cut your project return to either the 2 hour or 4 hour Sewing Class to make your project of your choice. Most projects can be made in 6 - 8 hours from start to finish.

If you know how to use a sewing machine but need instruction in sewing you can skip the machine class and go right the cutting/sewing classes. If you only want to learn how to alter your clothing take a sewing class but you need to know how to use a sewing machine to take the sewing classes. You decide how you want to learn from very basic to more advanced. You also make your own scheduled to fit your lifestyle when the classes are being offered.

Take as many Sewing Classes as you want to sew different projects. Start off very basic by sewing easy projects or take it to a more advanced level by sewing projects with advanced techniques. You're taught what you want to learn. If you need some ideas what to sew check out our Facebook page and Blog.

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Gift Certificates Available
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1) Pay for any class you want.
2) When asked for the class date put GIFT
3) Give the students name.
4) A Gift Certificate will be emailed back to you