Learn 2 Sew, Inc
3325 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 205
Hollywood, Florida 33021
Established in 2006
Where you can learn the art of sewing

About L2S


 Cindy Fetzer
CEO/ Teacher

I had the idea in December 2005 and opened Learn 2 Sew. Inc. in June 2006 because I needed a job after being a stay at home mom for 7 years. My girlfriend saw me sewing and asked if I could teach her. I've been sewing since a child teaching myself making many things over the years. My strength's are construction. There isn't anything I can't look at and tell you the best way to make it. My motto is "If I can think of it I can make it" and I have through the years. I'm also very good with people and knowing how they learn. I will show you different ways of the process until you the student get's it.

I've lived in Hollywood Florida since the days of my youth and attended McArthur High School where I had the pleasure of taking Fashion Design and learned patternmaking. After graduating from high school I became a hair stylists for many years. I've also sold Real Estate, always working for myself.

Opening this business has so many rewards! I'm able to give you something that has been given to me as a child. As I get older I've learned what a HIGH I feel having sewing a part of my life. It has brought me so much joy over the years. I get to pass on to my students the same joy. Opening this business has also allowed me to be the best parent I can to my children which is why I run the classes the way I do teaching mornings, evenings and Saturday classes.

The reasons why people take my sewing classes:
To learn how to hem their paints because they need all their clothes altered and they're tired of paying.
To sew for themselves or their home.
To make a portfolio to apply for design schools.
To start a business of their own.
To gain more knowledge because they already have a business and need to know the process of construction.

Whatever the reason you have to learn the art of sewing I can help you achieve the places you want to go. My
goal is to get you the students comfortable enough to sew on your own making beautiful things for yourself and others. I want to help you make all your dreams come true just like I have opening Learn 2 Sew.

I have many ideas of building my business. Just like sewing, build it and it will grow to something you're very proud of. It's all a process, a very rewarding process!