American Sewing Club Sewing School           Learn 2 Sew, Inc
Established in 2006
No classes are being scheduled at this time

Where you can learn the art of sewing


When are you open?
Learn 2 Sew is only open during class times. Please check the calendar/class schedule because it changes daily.

When does the next class start?

If you're looking to enroll to a set of basic sewing classes the first class (learn how to use your sewing machine) is scheduled several times a month. You decided which dates you want to attend by picking them when they're offered.

When does the class end?
There is no end date to the class. You decide what your comfort level is to be able to sew on your own at home. You can attend as many basic sewing classes until your feel good enough to do it on your own.

What will I learn?
I let my students decide what they want to learn by sewing the projects with that technique in it, say a zipper. The student also has the option of just learning how to hem a pair of pants or alterations by bring in the clothes they need fixed.

What do the student sew in class?
The student decides what the project will be from very basic to more advance. There are only 4 people at the most to any basic sewing class which allows each student to learn off the others.

How much are the classes?
The student decides if they want to pay as they go to each class or if they want to buy a group of classes for less money.

Do you offer morning classes, evening classes and do you have classes on Saturday?
The sewing studio is closed on Sunday. Most of the classes are scheduled either mornings/early afternoon and evenings Mon-Fri. All day Saturday which is a busy day with classes filling quickly. Please view calendar/hours open on the link at the top of this page to view class schedule and hours open.

Do I have to have my own machine to take classes?
No you do not have to own a sewing machine to take classes at Learn 2 Sew. All equipment is supplied at the studio. The student does have to supply their sewing project (fabric, patters, zippers, thread and anything to make the sewing project)

How much is it for the student to rent a machine if they don't have one?
There is no charge to use the machines when you come to class.

If I own a sewing machine can I bring it to class and learn how to use it?
You're more than welcome to bring your own machine but if you don't have one it's not a problem. You can use one at the sewing studio.

I have clothes that need to be altered and looking for someone to sew for me. Do you do this? I don't want to take classes.
Learn2Sew is a school only. We do not sew for other people. We teach you how to do it.

Do you offer a serger class to learn how to use my overlock machine?
At this time there are no serger classes being offered at L2S. If you'd like to learn how to thread your serger machine and the very basics of the machine you can enroll to a sewing class since everyone's working on their own projects and learn how to thread your machine.

When I call how come no one answers the phone?

I do this business for myself, by myself. I don't have someone to answer the phone for me when I'm teaching classes. Please leave me a message and when I have a few minutes I'll return your call. I try to do it within 24hrs of you leaving your message. Email is the best way to reach me The studio is closed on Sunday and the phone is turned off.

What is the best sewing machine to buy?
It all depends on how much money you have to spend. If you're in the $150 range the Brothers SE6000 is a good beginner machine for someone who wants to sew for themselves. I give a lot of information on what to look for in buying a sewing machine in my Machine Class

Cindy Fetzer