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Hollywood, Florida 33021

Where you can learn the art of sewing
Start Your Sewing School
Hire Learn 2 Sew as a consultant if you need help starting your business.

Email Cindy if you're interested in having the same kind of business near you.

I've learned what people want and how to make teaching sewing profitable.

I have everything you need to get started.

It's a perfect business for mothers to have the flexibility to earn a living and be a parent. Or for anyone looking to pass their knowledge on to those who desire it.

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If you know how to sew and are good with people sewing could be a form of income for you in these trying times.  Depending how much time you put into your business, you can be very successful if you find yourself unemployed.
People call me from all over the country to ask me about how I opened my sewing school. I also have people call me from all over the country to ask if I know of any sewing classes like mine near them.

There is a great demand from our society to learn the art of sewing.
Many of Learn 2 Sew students drive sometimes over an hour to take my classes.

Are you interested in opening your own sewing school?

I can teach you how to make your business profitable. I have made mistakes that has cost me money. I've figured out how to make teaching sewing very rewarding financially.

If  your interested in starting a sewing school the information I will give you will help you on your way to opening a successful school for very little money invested to be your own boss.

Find out the steps you need to take for success. 

What you will learn:
Find your competition
Making a business plan
How to set up your business with the IRS
Getting the money needed to start your business
Finding a location to run your classes
What to teach in your classes for adults and kids
How to advertise your business for free
How to build your business for a successful future
Receive all  forms, applications, waivers and class notes

$299.00 for all information needed to start your own sewing school to be your own boss.
When payment clears delivery will be made by email in an attached word or pdf file

Because of the information I give and the nature of the information there are no refunds after purchase.

When buying this information you agree not to open your sewing school or give sewing lessons in Miami Dade County, Broward County and Palm Beach County Florida.

Would you like more help then just buying the information above and doing everything on your own?

I can come to you spending 5 days helping you set up your business from find your location, setting up your business with your city and making you legal with the government, setting up your website so you can receive online payment and offer easy online enrollment for your students, Show you how I teach my classes and help you decide what you want to teach.

Everything you need to be successful will be offered to you walking you through the baby steps needed to open our business and be successful.

If you're interested in having me come to you for 5 days contact me and we can discuss more how we can make this happen. Fees depend on your location (traveling experiences) and how many days you need to feel comfortable do things on your own.

I'm also available to speak to you over the phone for a smaller fee then having me travel to you. Speaking on the phone has it's limits. By traveling to you I can give you the tools you need for many years of success.